Tucks Farm Gallery

If you can bear to leave the interior of the cottage you will find yourself immersed in the quintessential Devon countryside. There are plenty of activities on offer within the boundaries of Tucks Farm. There are walks in the woods, and in spring these are a sea of bluebells. If you make it to the bottom of the valley you can paddle in the stream to the ford – even the wellies are provided.

This stream, the Umborne brook, is the home to brown trout which can often be spotted in the shallow pools.

You can even go newt and frog spawn spotting at the conservation pond where in spring the mallard come to nest. Kingfishers and heron are annual visitors to this pond along with the buzzards that sit patiently on the oak tree limbs hanging over the water.

The wildflower meadows have mown paths winding through the nut and fruit orchards where you may even spot the barn owl hunting at dusk. There are a myriad of birds to spot and wildlife such as deer & foxes may stroll through the garden

There is no traffic sound or light pollution, so you can stargaze at night and listen to the tranquillity of nature by day in this peaceful, romantic garden.